Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 17: Psychic Class

We where introduced to our third
eyes late one winter day, the class
doubting one could actually walk
through the wall to the snowy sideyard.
Rose tossed another log on the fire
and I worried the chimney would catch,
but the teacher's calming voice encouraged
me to relax.  Ignor the events around you.
Shortly I stepped from my body and crossed
the room.The wall turned to fog, misty to
walk through. Outside I looked up.  Orange
sparks flew out the chimney, shooting toward
a starry sky. Later, aware of my body again,
I stretched and yawned, turning to the teacher.
She nodded, saying, You did a good job.

Nancy Canyon

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 16: Too Late?

See the moon
bleed, the earth
cramp on stormy
days. They say there's
just enough time left
for us to save her:
ground, sky, water,
heavens tarnished
by our waste.
Pacific trash vortex
an island of plastic
twice the size of
the United States.
Pesticides in our food,
air too toxic to breathe.
Is it true?  Are we really
not too late?


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day15: You Can't Say No

He says, "You can't say no?"
He's looking at me, astounded.
He's seven. What does he know?  

"You just say no," he says.
"If the person doesn't hear you, 
you say, "Uh oh, and run."

Nancy Canyon

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 14: Everything Backwards is the Same

Everything Backwards is the Same

Today will race along like any other day
yet today is formed backward--either way
you flip it, the date reads the same.  They say
life has already happened, that we remember
each event as it plays out...thus déjà vu.
The wheel turns and life changes.  Single,
now engaged, remembering his face, his hands,
his warrior posture riding the plains, hunting
buffalo.  Me a princess gathering nuts and seeds,
awaiting his return. Everything happens at once, 
stacked like pelts outside the tepee, sun blazing
over the land.

Nancy Canyon

Day 13: The Ride

The Ride

We lean
sexy curves,
careen past
The Sisters
peaks toward hard
Nblue sky.
Roaring Triumph--
holding tight
to your man.

Nancy Canyon