Wednesday, July 4, 2012


"The sky is darkening along the horizon.  A storm is coming.  The smell of the damp earth wafts in the tower's open windows.  It’s so hot and dry that distant rain evaporate before hitting the ground.  It’s called virga.  There’s another form of virga that folks experience when they become enlightened, and that is seeing the molecules darting about in the air, sparkling particles adrift around us all the time.  Most people can’t see them, but if you stand still enough, looking but not exactly looking, you will."  LOOKOUT  

My new memoir is in-progress.  It's a book about the two summers my first husband and I spent on a fire lookout tower in the Clearwater National Forest, plus some other things, of course.  And my ebook ebook of short-short biographical fiction is available at Amazon for download.  See 

Have a happy safe fourth, and if you live in the Pacific NW...we're going to have some beautiful weather for a week or more.  Cheers, Nancy

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