Friday, September 21, 2012

Practice, practice, practice!!!

Mom made me pull out the stitching along the waistband of my apron more than once.  It was a pretty fabric, sort of mauve pink with little black flowers.  I'd stitched along the skirt of the apron...two rows of gathering stitch, 6 stitches to the inch.  Then I pulled the top threads so the gathers were even, going slowly so I didn't break the stitches.  After pinning the skirt to the waistband, I stitched the pieces together on Mother's Singer.  Not well, I guess.  My wiggly stitches didn't meet up with mother's Virgo needs.  So I had to use the ripper and pull out the stitching.  I was in gradeschool.  I kept practicing.  Eventually I made all my own clothes.

So goes the practice of anything you want to do well.  With writing, one must practice and the more often and more consistently one practices, the better the writer you become.  In the beginning, I practiced with a group in Silverdale three days a week.  Now I practice once a week, sometimes twice.  The rest of the time I am working on my novel and memoir and editing other folk's work.  I live the life of the writer. 

If you want to practice write with me, please come to my studio on Mondays at 1PM.  We write from 1-3PM.  It is a safe environment, fun and completely supportive of beginning to advanced writers.  The whole trick is to let yourself go and write whatever comes to mind.  And the second whole trick: to let whatever comes to mind be okay.  Non-judgment...very spiritual practice, actually. 

Okay...if you are interested, just show up: 1000 Harris Ave. #21. $20/4 classes or $6/drop-in. Looking forward to seeing you Monday. Or you can call me 360-710-7139 for more info.

Getting the Studio spiffed-up!

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