Thursday, October 10, 2013

Celia's Heaven: Chanticleer Review CYGNUS 1st PLACE

My manuscript, Celia's Heaven, is the 1st Place winner in the paranormal division at Chanticleer Reviews:   Kiffer Brown, the president of Chanticleer Reviews, suggested I find a screen writer for CELIA'S HEAVEN and get a movie contract.  I've always had a movie in mind for this book.  Now I feel fired up, ready to market this paranormal romance for a book and movie contract.  We can eat popcorn and watch the show together.  You'll be my guest.

If you are interested in having a book review written, check out Chanticleer Reviews.  They also have contests in many categories that you can enter for a nominal fee.  It's worth it and it also gives you a goal...which I feel is important for us writers.  So tighten up the manuscript and send it out.  No time like the present.
Here is a cover mock-up for "Celia's Heaven". Probably not my final cover, but a visual to put a face on the project seems important for manifesting my goal.

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susanissima said...

Bravo for you, Nancy! You're such an inspiration! Best of luck with the movie project.