Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 19: Aquiver


Aquiver when his hand draws down your back 
and the sound of his voice says I love you.

Shooting the breeze as you lie in bed at night, 
tangled together: the story about waterfalls, 

another about a favored pet. And as you drift off, 
one about wild ponies.Pinching yourself to see

if it’s real, this new love. Burning toast, fried eggs, 
grilled cheese, steak, broccoli: his breakfast, his lunch, 

his dinner. Fearful: everyone fights sooner or later.
Wretched: worrying you'll do something senseless,

like burning toast, and your new love walks away.
Unbearable: thinking that you might actually not know

how to love. Dreadful: thinking these things are true. 
Enlivening: his hugs and words assuring you it's real.

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