Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 4: My Darlink

My Darlink

Ah, how I love to watch you vork,
bolting round back yard and building
corner, striding down
drivevay, tuning lawnmower to cut
each blade of grass.  What a mighty
fearless vorker--in the dusty
garage sharpening blades,
hot roar of motor idle,
intense vork every day.
Jumpin jiminy, Darlink
keeping strong like ox,
limber and wirile, eating
meat and wegetables, all that
Natasha cooks is good. Yours an
operation of vonder, never
postponing 'til tomorrow,
quick and vorldly, slightly
red thinking, vhat do you expect?
Stripping to skivvies after dark,
Togo or robe, no matter, an agent in
undervear is a fine sight, ready to
valtze with my Boris, no more
Walium for me.  I'm ready to
xerox copies: Make your move,
yummier the better, life is full of
zing vhen you love a sexy man.

Nancy Canyon


susanissima said...

And clearly you do love a sexy man! said...

Hilarious! (and very vorky)