Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Treasure Box: NaPoWriMo, Day 25, Write about the inside of a space

I can’t be torn like this       pulled between the love of my life and a high and mighty father he does things he shouldn’t      his rulership is final    I’m moving out        in the box go pictures I’ve drawn     a few notes Jack sent        very few actually as he’s dyslexic      letters  from my first boyfriend, Bill who moved to Alaska      letters from Kiko Matsuaka and Dorolthy Foo, Asian pen pals    a stack from Mike Ralf, my brother’s Marine buddy      we’ve written each other for two years.       airmail envelops stamped Viet Nam      I built the box from scrap wood I found in the basement        dad followed me around, watching      he said the box wasn’t square       I didn’t answer him, just kept building      I lined it with black velvet     a special place for my keepsakes   the outside is painted green       glued along the top edge, ornate gold trim     a safe place to keep my treasures     it'll sit in the closet of my new apartment, once I find one.

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Carla Shafer said...

Your own treasure box, beautifully written and poignant.