Friday, April 6, 2012

Dark Forest

My short-short fiction, based on my personal history growing up in Spokane, WA, will be published this year as an eBook through New Libri Press.  You can see my writing and art a  I started writing short-shorts as a way to tell the story of my beginnings growing up with an abusive step-parent when the personal essay was too private to share.  I recommend to anyone who wants to write memoir, but is concerned about protecting feelings, your own and your relatives, to write the story as fiction.  The story still gets told and the work...healing...still gets done.  Putting it out in the world and letting it live on its own is very powerful.

The paintings I do also tell stories.  I love talking about art with people, making collage for healing and for building community.  Here is a picture of my studio: paintings, collage, etc.  It's a great place in Fairhaven to connect with other artists and writers.  My studio is open on Tuesdays at 1PM for writing practice.  If you love to write, come by and join in.  1000 Harris Ave, #21.  $7/drop-in fee.  Also I give art parties in the studio: collage, art boxes, talismans, etc.  It's fun, and unique.  Call me, 360-710-7139.


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