Saturday, June 2, 2012

Writing Practice

Write every day, even if for only fifteen minutes. Follow the moon, when she is in a water sign, your writing will deepen. Trust its depth. When she is in an earth sign, you will become practical, perhaps discusing how you set up your home or what you business practice entails. When she is in an air sign, you'll be heady, full of philosophical explorations, perhaps thoughts of a fickle nature. When she is in a fire sign, you may rant. Let it come unimpeded. It won't last but a couple of days. You'll survive your anger. How to mend through the written word. Wrte every day. Clear out your heart on the page. Own your stuff, it will deepen you as a writer and it will round out your characters, if you write fiction, that is. If not, it will make your writing honest. Readers like honesty. We are all the same, you know, just different measures of ingredients. Accept this, and you will be free. Writing is all about trust. Trust your mind...nothing in it will harm you. Get it down on paper. Don't judge it, if you can help it. Write with other people, listen to thir words. Then open like a window on a spring day. Let everything in. You will soar. Have fun! Nancy Canyon

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