Saturday, April 1, 2017

Morning Mind: NaPoWriMo

First day of April, poetry month. Many are writing a poem a day this month.  Here is my Kay-Ryan-esque poem for April 1.

Morning Mind

When the sky
of mind slides
sideways, flyers
are tossed over,
fast fall toward
dogs in the field
below. Feathers
whip frantic,
frisking centrifugal
force, a scramble
to catch updraft,
lifting the mind
awake. The dogs
are hungry.

2 comments: said...

How delightful to receive your poem in my inbox, Nancy. Enjoyed especially "sky of mind slides sideways" and "frisking centrifugal force."
Would it be okay to share your poem on the Red Wheelbarrow NaNoWriMo Facebook page?

I think our poets would be inspired.

XO Susan

Elizabeth Hornor Boquet said...

The image of the feathers will stay with me.