Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunny Fried Chicken: NaPoWriMo

To eliminate fat in the diet, cut out Oleo.
Butter isn’t bad …it just got a bad rap.
It’s real food made from real cows; what’s
the harm? Toss a glob of it in the frying 
pan; don’t worry about your waistline; 
make it a big glob. While it melts, fill a bag 
with seasoned flour and toss skinless legs 
until dusted white. We always tell Dad to cover
up, as he blinds us with those scrawny white
things of his. Drop the dredged legs in the 
sizzling butter. Brown and turn, like you do 
when you sun yourself by the pool. When 
evenly golden, turn down the heat and put
a lid on it--so to speak. Take a dip while the 
chicken simmers. Be sure to wear the one piece, 
as you’re not as thin as you used to be. And 
suntan lotion, a good one like Copper Tone, 
is essential. You don't want to burn. Enjoy!

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