Sunday, December 23, 2012

An Interview with Myself

Where do you write?  When I was first doing writing practice I wrote in Silverdale's Barnes and Noble coffee shop.  There was lots of noise and espresso distractions.  Writing this way taught me to follow my stream of thought despite the noise, occasionally weaving in a choice word or phrase I'd overhear in coversation.  Now I write in my studio at the Morgan Block Building, 1000 Harris, #6. 

How often do you write?  I used to write with my group three times a week.  Now I write with two different groups, meeting a total of twice a week.  This gives me enough raw material to work on a novel and a memoir.

Are your writing groups open?  My Monday writing group is open.  We meet at 1 PM every Monday.  It's $20/4 classes or $6/drop-in.  However I'm canceling class now until January 7th.  Then we'll get back into a regular practice, which I feel is essential for producing good writing and a significant amount of writing, too.

Do you critique in class?  This is a generative writing class--no judgment.  It is a safe space for experimentation.  And we write in my art there is plenty of creativity in the air to waft into your creative muse.  And I always have the tea kettle on.

How do you know what to write?  We start with start lines.  You can wing it from there.  Your subconscious will needn't worry about coming up with something.  As Natalie Goldberg says...Just keep your hand moving.

What do you write?  I'm revising a novel and getting another novel on-line as an eBook.  And I'm working on a memoir. My directive for myself this year is Complete & Release.  I'm very prolific.  Now I want to finish my projects and send them out into the world.

Where do you send your work? Locally there is Clover Literary Rag, Sue Boynton Contest, & Labyrinth. There are also local contests for completed work...Chanticleer Book Reviews being one. You can find places to submit by looking up on-line your genre + submissions. Also, getting out and reading your work at Village Book's Open Mic, Poetry Night at Amadeus, or Chuckanut Sandstone's Poetry Reading is a good way to practice reading and growing your confidence. And you will get to know other writers who will pass on submission ideas to you, too.




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