Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Collage for Writers

If you are writing a novel or a memoir, you probably get fatigued after long hours of work.  When I put in hours on my novel, my brain actually gets tired.  I find visual art refreshing.  In particular, collage.  Collage takes way less focus and fewer supplies than painting or drawing.  And when the editing has me seeing cross-eyed, a mindless activity like collage will clear my head.

When I say mindless...I really mean mindful.  Mindful in a meditative way.  As I flip through magazines looking for photos that I feel good about, I feel myself settling down.  Soon, pleasant stirrings energize me, the same happy feelings I get when I'm in the final stages of a painting.

I believe I'm giving voice to another part of myself, my inner artist, which some people say is also the inner child.  Once I've picked out a number of images, I lay them out on mat board.  This process is equally pleasant.  The composition comes together on its own as I fiddle with placement.  Usually it is surprising to me, how different the energy in the imagery is from my writing.

New Year's Day 2013 Collage
On New Year's Day, I made the above collage.  I was tired that morning, but not unhappy.  More thoughtful than anything.  Then this bright colored collage turns up.  The delightfully playful quality of the images surprised me, although maybe I shouldn't have been, since I've been working on letting go of old unhappiness.  I think my inner self is showing me the work I'm doing is paying off.  

If you want to join me for a collage project this Saturday at 2 PM at Village Books, please come.  We'll be collaging our intentions for 2013.  Of course, as this process demands, we'll be mindful...and mindless.  And we'll have some fun!  Cheers, Nancy

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