Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celia's Heaven: Chanticleer Review CYGNUS Finalist

I'm happy and feeling celebratory today because my manuscript, Celia's Heaven, is a finalist in the Sci-fi/paranormal division at   This novel has been complete for some time.  It's amazing how long it takes to write a book, and it's also amazing how long it has taken me to get serious about the story.  One of my teachers, Jack Remick, once said to me, "Nancy, when are you going to take yourself seriously?"  Really, I didn't know the answer to his question.  He proceeded to pat his briefcase, informing me he carries his book with him everywhere he goes.

Well, some of us artists and writers have perfectionist personalities and can take everything that's good and turn it into not-quite-good-enough quickly.  I seriously suggest, if you are a perfectionist, to learn to let your work be okay just as it is.  This is my lesson, for certain.

I sent in my manuscript after one more complete edit, mind you, to Chanticleer Reviews at the end of January.  Last night I ran into Kiffer Brown and she was thrilled with the story, even suggested I find a screen writer and get it out to the movies.  I've always had a movie in mind for this book, but like much of what I create, I shelved the project as okay, but not great.  Now I feel fired up and am happyily patting myself on the, this is terrific.  Wish I could have said this about the book anyway.

Recently I've been reading Wayne Dyer's book "Wishes Fullfilled,"   He says we need to listen to our self talk...and when we say things like "I am....messy, tired, sick, etc.," to change these proclamations to "I am orderly, full of energy, and in perfect health."  His words are a good reminder for me to affirm the great writing and art work that I do.  He keeps a final version (mock-up) of his books on his desk, working as though his books are already published, even if he's only written 1/4 of the text. 

Here is a cover mock-up for "Celia's Heaven".  It may not be my final cover, as I just put this together a few minutes ago.  But I like it...and I think the artwork lends itself to the story.  

What is your new "I am..." statement going to be? Mine is "I am published!"

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Rae Ellen Lee said...

Congratulations Nancy for your beautiful books and for this inspiring blog post. My new self talk is: Finish and publish my Field Guide to Geezers by summer! Rae Ellen