Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Poetry Month: Daffodils

Day 2


A ruffled center
Betty Boop-like,
crown of cadmium yellow,
direct gaze, she makes
eye contact,
facing full on with
giddy circling petals.
Happy little flower,
incredibly bright,
jumping like a child.
Kissing the sky, she
leaps early from cold ground, the
merry dancer of April.
Naughty flirter, she's
obedient to spring,
patient on rainy days,
quizzical expression and
racy scent atop
sturdy stems, surrounding
translucent petals. Daffodil:
undaunted by snow storms,
variegated paper whites,
whimsical nature,
xeric upon aging. A
zanny little devil.

Nancy Canyon

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