Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poetry Month:A Poem a Day

Day 1

Never Waste a Learning

Any day one can fall
below the space that we call
crazy, momentarily, but not long
enough to fret over nebulous
feelings.  We take on or consider
gratuitous comments made by
honorable men and women, and then act
idiotic--not straight jacket
joker tossing knickknack idiot, but
lug-nut, dumb ass,
mugwump crazy, wearing
nickers stitched of pink plaid. They say
omnipresence activates
patience, and bigger than that, splitting
quarks single-handedly up and downs the
raisin-size pieces, play rock, paper
scissors, wake a hibernating bear--
taxidermy: yes, it's stuffed. So is crazy playing
unicorn with one ornate horn rising,
vicious teeth gnashing?  Or is it a
wigwam riotous parents banging on
xylophones, their
youngsters running around in
Zoro capes?

Nancy Canyon

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