Monday, April 10, 2017

Waves from Beyond: Day 10 NaPoWriMo, Portrait Poem

I knew a man with thin lips, a sharp
chin, clean-shaven then later burly
with beard.  This man wasn’t tall,
but he was muscular  and  would
flex his biceps if you touched  his
arm. He was always wanting, even
when plenty came to our fields and
door.  He drank hard and once moved,
worked hard.  He greeted lightning with
glee and the night aurora he always sought
eagerly. He would  tell you about far off
universes:  red  dwarfs   and   black
holes. He once climbed a tall tree
in a wind storm, John Muir-like.
Another time,  he  flung  himself
into the middle of a whirling  dust
devil, tumbling out, sticks in his hair.
This man entered my world at seventeen,
me ready, desiring my own child to love. But
the rest of our days  together his neediness 
grew,  begging for more.  In his pursuit of
comfort  feelings, he  began  raging at me,
trifling with my heart, spending more time
and energy on finding his next whiskey drink
or beer to chug, than concern for those he loved.  

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